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Baltic pr. 8A, LT-94108 Klaipėda

Tel. .: +370 46 247044

Tel. .: +370 673 99229

Skype: autoamera

e-mail: vytautas@autoamera.lt

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I-V: 900-1800 VI: 900-1400

About us

Autoamera is an American car parts store that has been operating for more than a decade in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Over the years we have gained valuable experience in this market, so now we can safely say, that we are professionals of our field.

Great experience, detail to customer service, exclusive choice of parts and flexible delivery terms are the main reasons that keeps us competitive within the biggest suppliers of auto parts in the region. For Your convenience, before every order we take, we double check the fitting of the part with official supplier catalogs for each model. We do this to ensure that the parts will fit the car. If the part is not in our warehouse, thanks to reliable partners in different countries of the world, we can always offer fast delivery for a competitive price. The distance for the orders is also not a problem - we can ship the parts worldwide!

We kindly invite You to visit our store in Klaipeda or message us with inquiry or any other question here.